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4 - Data Explorer

Who can help us out. We made a database for people to search trough for hairproducts for the curly girl methode. We use the free version. We embedded it on our website. It works fine on laptop or pc , but on the mobile version the magnifying glass is not there. Not in grid or gallery view. So our public can not use our website on their mobile to search in the database. The magnifying glass is there when I use the share url and go to the airtable directly. But not in the embedded view.
Is there a way to get the magnifying glass on the code? Or any way to get it so it works. Look at we need it to work there.
The direct url is Airtable - has the magnifying glass. This is what we want our users to see.

We are not a compagny, just girls who want to help curly girls to find the good products. So no, we cant afford a paid account. I hope someone has a sollution for us.

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Help? Anybody with a clue?

I see the magnifying glass when I open your Airtable base in Safari on my iPhone:




im an idiot i didnt read the it works fine on pc part lol

As i discribed, we see that too. We dont see it in the embedded airtable on on mobile. Click this link.

Unfortunately, Airtable has neglected the mobile experience for years, which makes no sense since the vast majority of people use mobile devices to access the Internet.

People have been begging Airtable to fix this particular problem for ages, but Airtable ignores most user requests. It makes it very challenging to be an Airtable evangelist, when they continually ignore our most pressing needs.

Besides clicking on that “View Larger Version” link in the lower right corner (which opens up a NON-embedded view), there is only one known way to workaround this problem:

You would need to force your mobile web browser to view the web page as a desktop web browser. On iOS devices, you can click on the little “Aa” icon that appears in the toolbar, and choose “Request Desktop Website”. You can also set the website settings from that menu to ALWAYS open that page as a desktop website.

This is obviously not a desirable solution for most people. You can’t start telling all your customers to change their browser settings in order to search your website’s products.

So you should also email to ask them to fix this problem. You can join the chorus of people who have asked for this issue to be fixed.

The more you use Airtable, the more you’ll realize that it is a relatively dysfunctional product with no rhyme or reason as to what its engineering team will focus on next. Most Airtable features are half-baked — and then neglected afterwards.

@Jason @Taylor_Savage @Adam_Minich

Thank you for your answer. So its best to look for another datbase maker who can do the same but works also on mobile.
Any suggestions?

You mentioned above that you can’t afford a paid account. I doubt that you would be able to find any other service that offers what Airtable offers for free.

I know, have searched for others, but this one was the best to work with for what I want it to do. It is to bad that the developpers did not listen to users who reported the same issue. No need for me to report also. Its just one little magnefier glass that is missing :disappointed_relieved: