Re: How to pre-fill a form with a record from a synched table?

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hello all,

I hoped to close a project that I worked on for a few weeks today just to realize that synched tables do not behave as I expected. Using synched tables, records get a new Record ID in the destination.

My workflow works a lot based on (pre-filled) forms. Now how can I pre-fill a form with a record from a synched table?


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Like I said, you have access to both record ID’s, so you could change that link to use either ID that you want. I’m glad that you resolved your problem! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes:

There are two bases:

  1. Base: Briefings
    a) Table: Briefings*
    b) Synched Table: Designs**

  2. Base: Designs
    a) Table Designs**
    b) Synched Table: Briefings*

New Designs need to be submitted to 2 a) using a form since the submitters do not have access to any base.

In base 1, the Record ID of records in 2 b) is not known. This is only known in base 2.
I still think it matters where the form lives. Or am I missing something?

No, you are incorrect. You can see both record ID’s in both tables.

But don’t worry about it if you’ve already solved it. You already said that you figured out a solution, so I would go with that.

Like I told you in my very first post (and several times after that), you can sync the record ID formula field from one table to the other table, so you can then see the original record ID alongside the new record ID.

Once again, you can see both record ID’s for the same record in the destination table — the new record ID and the original record ID. You are not understanding this concept of seeing both record ID’s.

You just need to reference whichever field you want based on the name of your formula field that displays whichever record ID you want.

So if you send users to a form based on the other table, then you can dynamically use the record ID from that other table, because you already know what it is.

Of course, I can sync it but it does not help since it is not the Record ID in the destination. I hope I am wrong because I can learn something in that case. If you are up for it, I can show you in a screen share what I mean.