How to pre-populate a Form to limit drop-down answer choices

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

In my form, the first question is “Select your company name.” There is a dropdown list of all the company name choices, which draws from a separate AirTable.

The next question is “Select which product you are working on.” I currently have this dropdown list of options connected to a separate AirTable that lists all the products for every company combined. What I actually want is for that dropdown list to only populate with the names of products that the individual’s company actually sells.

Question: is there a way to make it so the dropdown list only shows the products actually sold by the person’s company? How do I do this? Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the community, @Dena_Mendelsohn!

Unfortunately, this is not possible to do with Airtable’s native forms.

You would need to turn to external solutions for this sort of functionality, such as @openside’s On2Air Forms.


Well that’s a bummer. Thanks for the info, though!