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How to pull records from multiple bases to one base?

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I have the following structure:

  • Base 1 - Table 1
  • Base 2 - Table 2
  • Base 3 - Table 3

In Table 1 I want to add a field that pulls information automatically from Base 2 - Table 2 and from Base 3 - Table 3. This should be a single select field. Let’s say that I have 10 records in Table 2 and 10 records in Table 3. In Table 1, I want to be able to select a single value from the 20 records pulled from the other 2 tables. And these values (in the field of Table 1) should be updated automatically if I add or remove records from Table 2 and Table 3.

Is that something that can be done with Airtable?

P.S. I’m pretty new to Airtable

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Hmm, you could create synced views of Base 2 - Table 2 and Base 3 - Table 3 in Base 1

You could then sync both of those views into a single table in Base 1 and use a linked field between it and Base 1 - Table 1, which should do what you’re looking for I think