Re: How to turn off all colors? Or make everything grey, no matter sort, category, etc

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I don’t want to see colors when sorted, or by category or anything.

I do not want to see colors provided by AirTable (or any apps/programs).

How can I turn off all colors? Or make them all grey? But even that is way too dark and ugly.

I am not a programmer, so please don’t say change CSS. I simply cannot do that.

WHY must programs use such arbitrary colors? Not even a decent color scheme like analogous or complementary colors or anything.

(No offense, but as an artist, the colors really really really upset me. I am getting physically sick looking at them.

Please don’t hate me. I love this app, but gosh, the colors are driving me crazy. Oh no no no.)

Thanks in advance. Great, amazing, phenomenal app otherwise.

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Then your recourse is to just deal with feeling ill or add grid views to an Interface and set up every possible navigation between the “detail” pages and the linked records. Column highlights don’t appear in Interfaces.