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I’m making a print view in the page designer block that should act as a printable order confirmations of products that all have separate pictures attached to them.
When I make a table of the linked line-items the picture carries into the page design view, but stays minuscule.
I thought I could adjust this by playing around with the width and of the rows but no matter what I do they stay the same size.
Does anyone know if it’s possible to make 2cm x 2cm picture in a table in the print block?

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Hi @Kim_Trager1 - you can’t change the size of an image in a linked table. However, if you create the page from the “line-items” table, rather than the orders(?) table this might work for you. See this post for a similar discussion:


Hi Jonathan

Thanks for this. The ‘In a list option’ seems to be able to solve my problem, I’ll try it out and get back.