I want to click a button and have 4 rows appear in a pre-filled way

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4 - Data Explorer


I use a table daily to track my students' test scores for a standardized exam. The exam has three components: math, reading, and verbal.

Each row is used to give details about a student's score in one specific section. For example, if Amanda sends me her test, she will actually get THREE rows in the table, like this:

R1: Jane Smith | Math Section | 75 points | January 8 2024

R2: Jane Smith | Reading Section | 21 points | January 8 2024

R3: Jane Smith | Verbal Section | 36 points | January 8 2024

The math/reading/verbal cell is a "choose one" cell. I cannot pre-fill the cell because it alternates between Math, Reading and Verbal. I wish there were a way to click a button that was like "create 3 new rows", and have them pre-filled with Math, then Reading, then Verbal in the section column. Any suggestions?

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If you use an interface, you can create a button that triggers an automation that creates the three records.

If you are not ready to work in an interface and prefer to work in a grouped grid view, you can create one new row for the group, and then copy/paste the three values from a different group to create the two additional groups for a total of three groups with the three values.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Certainly! To streamline your daily tracking, consider implementing a simple script or automation tool. This tool could automate the creation of the three rows with pre-filled information for Math, Reading, and Verbal sections, minimizing manual effort. By clicking a "create 3 new rows" button, you can ensure efficient and accurate entry of student scores across different sections, improving your overall workflow and saving time in the long run.