Import CSV and link to a record for all imported records

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6 - Interface Innovator


i’m working with airtable a while now and i think it’s a really good software. But at the moment i’m stucked and i don’t find a solution. I was searching in the forum but didn’t find a solution that matches my problem. Maybe i’m not searching with the right keywords.

Here is what i like to do:
I have a table in which i import csv files called “Keywords” (let’s say f.e. every day a different csv file with the same structure). Every record which i import needs to be linked to a record in a second table called customer.
At the moment i’m using the app “CSV Import” and after that i need to link every record manually to the other table (customer).
For every record of a CSV file i import it is always the same record in the other table i like to link to.

So i’m wondering if it’s possible to use a script (?) to import the csv file and have the opportunity to say to which record i like to link the records to so it’s just one step and it’s done automatically?

I’m an absolute beginner in coding so i was wondering if anybody can help me with a solution.

For better understanding a link to a simple example base:
Also a quick video of the actual workflow of mine which i like to optimize:

Thanks in advance.


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