Inhéritate color for the record of a "detail" tale from a "master" table?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have 2 tables in Airtable.
One si projects and the second table is Actions.
I created a column in the project Tables in which I set a color.
Actions are linked to a project (only linked to one project + lookup field to “color” from project table)

I would like in the calendar view to set the color of the tasks the color of the project it belongs to
Which seems not possible since for an action, I can only define a color in a single select field - color is not a single select field so no way to set my action to that color (that is not only for calendar, but it’s the same for Grid or other views).
Is there a way to set the color of a tast, the color of the project ?

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