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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all,

I came across an article saying was created to help covid-19 affected restaurants in Ohio using Airtables and Squarespace. I am trying to do something similar for the affected restaurants in my area. How do I use Airtables to create the checkbox filters? Thank you.

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Hi @Ming_Hai_Lim - this site was made with Webflow (, which you can use to build sites and pull in data from other sources (using the Airtable API or using Zapier).

But my guess is that the checkbox filters are something coded/configured in Webflow. e.g. in Webflow you can create a page of records (in this case restaurants) and Webflow has a way of showing or hiding these based on certain data attributes of each record.

This is really a question about Webflow, rather than Airtable as there’s nothing on Airtable you can do to control these filters, this is really a front-end web thing done on Webflow (but could be done on any platform with Javascript)