Integration with GB Postal Address File (PAF)

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Do any GB users have experience of Integrating with the PAF or other postal address solutions?

As part of the local authorities effort to cut greenhouse gasses, we are running an Airtable based project to help home owners retrofit their properties with insulation etc.

To ensure accurate postal addresses are entered I would like to integrate the sort of solution where you first enter postcode then select house number/name. I am not sure where to start - has anyone done this?


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Hi @Margaret_Pickering - I have used the Google Maps feature to get the address working as best as possible, but it isn’t easy to do it reliably for validating it’s an actual address formatted correctly.

In the end, I integrated with using scripting but it didn’t fully allow for a pretty front end.

Thanks Jase, I will look into that. Margaret

Hi Jase. I have looked around and does indeed look like the best (and affordable) option for our not-for-profit company. Unfortunately I don’t have scripting experience and it will take me ages to skill up. Would you be willing to share your script? Are you potentially available to hire? Margaret