[iOS] Unexpected cursor jump to end of textbox by a replacing paste

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

[iOS] Unexpected cursor jump to end of textbox by_a_Replacing Paste :::

1️⃣ The flaw.  Here's a crooked example of it – just for putting an Airtable non-rich text data box to the test on iOS.  All I would ask you to do is go through the almost stepless scenario of an immediate and in-place "Select / Copy / Paste", or perhaps "Select / Copy / Reselect / Paste" – the latter in case the selection gets dropped upon Copy.  The selection can be just a_single word, or it can be whichever text portion you choose to select. The outcome of this essentially meaningless scenario will be particularly striking when performed from an editing position somewhere early in the text box at hand.  Indeed, the result of the "whole" operation is supposed to have nothing actually changed, but a side-effect makes the insertion point out of the blue jump to end of field, which when it happens makes one wonder where the cursor may have gone all at once with Whitney Houston – especially if we started out, as said, from a relatively early position inside somewhat longer field content.

2️⃣_Regarding more realistic situations, the forementioned unexpected cursor jump will effectively occur for whichever "replacing" paste one might perform, meaning it doesn't only happen for "the same and in-place" cases, which hereabove served as merely a silly simplified test-and-demo example.

3️⃣ Regarding consistency of behaviour, no such cursor jump will occur in a "Rich" text field.

4️⃣ Whole-heartedly admittedly, all of this is no more than a truly minor flaw -- probably persisting in Airtable on iOS (and iPadOS) since v9.1 or something, if not even all the way back to AirTable's inception. Yet a potential annoyance, or not ?

//_Airtable v9.6.1, on iOS v 16.6 ; //_2023.07.29.Sa.08:10.

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