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Is there any way to have a Lookup field in one table keep the formatting of the rich text field it is referencing in another table?

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Hi All,

I am hoping someone may have a good way to work this out. I have a table in which there is a link to another table based on the Job Title of a particular entry on the first table. In the second table, there are a number of other fields that are associated with that Job Title, including a rich text field that includes some possible information that MAY or MAY NOT apply to one of the entries in the first table. I have written a formula in the first table to determine whether or not these fields in the second table will apply to the entry in the first table. The goal is to be able to use SendGrid to alter the email message we send to the person in the first table based on the results of the formula that I have written. I have had to use a Lookup field to grab that “potential” information from the second table and bring it forward to the first table. I have structured my SendGrid template to use the AA info or BizOps Info fields if that applies and the field is not blank. The issue is that the Lookup fields strip any formatting of the rich text field they are pulling from on the second table. Any thoughts on how I could possibly keep the formatting? I included an image of the fields involved if that helps for context.




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