Is there the ability to have existing records updated (with attachments for example) externally without being a collaborator?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hey all. Setting up a base for a real estate firm and they would like to have property owners upload their own photos to an existing property record. Is there a way to have a non-collaborator/non-airtable user update their own record? I considered using a form, having the information come into a separate table, and then linking the records but that is proving challenging. Thoughts?

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Welcome to the community, @Robert_Frederiksen!

Your way of doing it is a good way of doing it with automations. Also, instead of linking the records, you could also take the new images, and simply add to or overwrite the existing images.

However, probably the best approach would be to pay for an external portal tool such as, which enables everyone to log into their own records and edit them: