Limit selection to specific options, only when certain conditions are met

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Currently I have a form, where I want to be able to limit the options in a single select, based on the option selected in the previous single selected. My example is: I am a rock climber and use a Airtable to base to log all my routes. The first single select in the form is for the style of climbing, eg sport, boulder, etc. I want the next single select (grade) to show different options, depending on the style of climbing, eg the sport grading system, the bouldering grading system. I don’t know if this is possible, but any help is greatly appreciated!


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Conditional value lists are not supported in Airtable… but maybe someone will have some sort of a trick to make this work for you! Perhaps with a JavaScript or something.

@ScottWorld speaks the truth re: Airtable forms not supporting conditional logic at the level you seek. As far as tricks go, @W_Vann_Hall wrote up a solution for this a while ago, but it only works in a grid view because Airtable’s forms don’t directly interact with the data (i.e. they only create a new record upon submission; they’re not making changes in real time). If using the grid view is doable, then give it a shot. If not, you’ll need to look into more robust form systems like TypeForm or JotForm, though I haven’t personally built forms in either system that use this type of conditional logic, so I can’t offer specific suggestions.

Oops, I missed the part where he wanted to do this with a form, in which case my idea of a JavaScript (using the scripting block) wouldn’t work. Thanks for providing those other great ideas, @Justin_Barrett! :slightly_smiling_face: