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4 - Data Explorer

I’d like to know how whether there is anything clever going on with the single-select field (the Training field) on this official Airtable form that I was sent recently: Watch on-demand: Create your CRM in Airtable
I have a form where I would like to pre-populate the field, but not allow end-users to change it. I’ve read a bit on this discussion group that it isn’t possible (you can’t hide or make the field read-only).
I suspect this form is pointing to a custom view, but I’m looking to have personalised forms, where a field is specific for the user, and they can’t change it.
Many thanks,

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Hi @digby - the Training field here is a linked field and either a) the linked table only has one record (for this training) - unlikely or b) the linked values come from a specific view which only has one record in it - more likely. This works really well where the linked field doesn’t contain many records, but depending upon the number of users you have this might not be a great solution for you. You would have to create a view and form for each user (each form referencing a specific user view).

There’s a similar question/answer here that might help you:

Thanks for responding Jonathan - that’s what I suspected and you’re right - it could become unmanageable quite quickly. I was thinking along the lines of the suggestion in the linked thread, so I’ll pursue that route instead. I think if I can get the ID of the linked field into a text box so the user can’t guess the ID, then match that up in an automation, then that could work.

Hopefully one day soon we’ll get prefilled hidden fields and then this problem will go away.

Thanks again,