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I’m a stylist, and have a separate table for each category of clothing, but need a column in the Outfits table to pull from several clothing categories into the same cell/field. For example: Dress1, Scarf56, Shoes 15, Jewelry 9, Jewelry 80, Jewelry 104. (Pulling from the Dresses, Accessories, Shoes, and Jewelry tables).

I can’t put all clothing categories into the same table because 1) they track different characteristics and 2) it needs to stay on the free plan because I share these editable tables with clients. To combine all clothing categories into one table would both confuse/overwhelm clients and also go over the 1200 row limit.

Is there a hack, formula, or workaround for this? I can’t find anything in the forum that answers my questions. (Maybe I’m not using the right search terms?)

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Hi @Mary_Williams,

There is no way to link Multiple Tables in the same Field (column), you need to have all the data in one Table. A work around would be to have Multiple Fields for the Outfit, a field for each Category of clothing.

If you want them all to show in one cell later, you can use the “&” Formula.


Thank you @Mohamed_Swellam!
I tried it but the only formatting options for the result display are numbers. How do I get the list of items to show instead of the item count?

Hi @Mary_Williams,

Put the reference field between quotes. It will display the text.