Looking for an Airtable expert for a product development project

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4 - Data Explorer

I am very early stage in developing a business to business tool/template (evaluating into an app ideally) starting from a logical dataset that i want to set up in airtable. I have been doing this work for companies for over 20 years, know where i need to take this, but don’t know how to work the tools.

I am looking for a logics expert to work on this with me, be a sparring partner or even point me in the right direction with Airtable and prevent re-inventing wheels in any way.

Looking forward to hearing from you and talking through the project that I am very excited about.

thank you - Leoni

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Hi @Leoni_Janssen and welcome to the community!

If you’re looking for someone for edgy debate concerning bad ideas, I do that here for free all the time. :winking_face:

Seriously though, the entire community is your partner and many developers here share openly with expertise across many disciplines. I tend to focus on really difficult integration challenges, whereas, some consultants here are vastly more skilled to deal with the nuances of database processes and configurations specific to Airtable.

Product development is an entirely unique realm that I do engage in from time-to-time having hit a few home runs in B2B and B2C. Feel free to reach out for a chat anytime.

Bill French
Here’s my calendar link to make finding time easy.

Hi Bill, thank you for your delightful response! I’d like to chat and hear your response and input to my idea/plan and take it from there. I’ll connect.

thanks - Leoni