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Hi everyone!

I’ve been building a calculator for B2B price quotes in Airtable. The idea is to put all the necessary info in a form and then display the end result.

Since Airtable cannot add formula fields to a form, I’ve made a simple 2-page web app in Softr. The first page is the form, the second one displays the result.

This is where the issue is: I cannot set up that the second page will pull up the result from the same record as the input on the first page. Has anybody else done something similar? I’m also not married to Softr, perhaps there’s a better way of doing this.

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I don’t know if there’s a way to do that unless you email the person with a custom link to take them back to their record afterwards. Although perhaps gives you the ability to redirect to a custom link based on the newly-created Record ID.

Airtable actually offers this functionality with their own native forms. Airtable forms allow you to redirect the person to a custom URL afterwards with their Record ID embedded in the URL.

However, provides built-in calculator functionality directly on the form itself, so you may want to check out MiniExtensions instead of Softr.

In Softr I think you have to submit as a hidden field

Thanks! Checked out MiniExtensions, seems like a perfect solution, but 948 bucks is kind of steep for just one job. Could you please elaborate on redirecting to a custom URL in an Airtable native form? Sorry if this is too basic, I’m still very new to Airtable.

Whenever somebody submits a form in Airtable, you can redirect them (after a 5-second delay) to a URL.

Airtable requires that all people must get redirected to the exact same URL, except for one tiny little trick: You can customize the URL with a parameter indicating the ID of the record that they just submitted into your base.

So, for example, if your URL is a webhook, it can process that parameter and take action on that particular record.

I typically use this in conjunction with to setup custom webhooks for my clients, and it sounds like you might be able to use this with Softr as well.

To learn more, check out “Post-submission customization options” on this page: