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Hello! I’m a bit of an Airtable novice, asking on behalf of my employer who definitely knows more than I do. So I can get more information if necessary, in short :slightly_smiling_face:

We are building a table for rental items that are checked out, and we want to have it know that a particular item is not available for rent if the requested time falls between the day it is to be checked out and the day it will be returned. Is there some way to have this range automatically populate? We are struggling to figure it out.

If there’s any further clarifying info I can give, please let me know!

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Hi @Madelyn_Mahoney ,
Welcome to Airtable! There are many ways to do this. One way would be to have a field for Check Out Date, Check In Date and Requested Date. Then create a field with a formula:

IF(AND({Requested Date}>={Check Out Date},{Requested Date}<={Check In Date}),“Unavailable”,“Available”)


That’s super helpful! I realized that I forgot to add a detail: we need it to check for the availability not just on one date, but for a second date range. So the variables would be Check Out Date, Check In Date, Requested Check Out Date, and Requested Check In Date. If there is any overlap within both ranges, it would need to return Unavailable.

If you want to check out the base we’re testing this in, here is a link: Sign up - Airtable