Making personalised update info buttons using a formula record field and automations

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4 - Data Explorer


I want to use record specific webhooks to automate when people click a personalised link related to their own data that record is updated.

Click external link > record updated > email sent

The code I have is

CONCATENATE(“[etc etc]”,"?RecordID=",RECORD_ID(),"&M=TRUE")

Which creates the URL[etc etc]?RecordID=BLAH&&M=TRUE

I want to put this into a button to click but nothing works. IF I put it into a browser it doesn’t do anything.

What am I missing here? Do I have to do something like MAILTO:HTTPS …

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Airtable webhooks don’t support the GET method, which is what a URL is.

Airtable webhooks only support the POST method.

So one possible solution for you would be to use an external tool that supports the GET method for their webhooks, such as my personal favorite Integromat:

After Integromat receives your information, you could then send that information onto Airtable from there.