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Re: Messenger integration with Airtable

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Hi there! I plan to use one of these templates

and run a chatbot for my fb page.

It’s necessary to integrate it with Airtable. Is it possible?

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I haven’t really used any of these templates, but I have worked on chat bots in the past and they generally provide you with an API to connect with third party data.

Airtable also provides you with an API with which you could probably tie up the 2 together.

Hey Aaron,
It is definitely possible, and you should always integrate Airtable with your chatbot because it can help you transfer the data to and from Airtable. For instance, if you have an e-commerce business and trying to sell anything, you need some storage to store all the items you want to sell. With chatbot and Airtable integration, you can store the data and show it on the chatbot for user intent.
You should try WotNot, it is the best no-code messenger chatbot that can integrate with Airtable and transfer the data to/from Airtable. Using WotNot + Airtable, you can personalize offers for each query. Try WotNot for free