Multiple Tables in Base Using same Form data

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4 - Data Explorer

I have a form that populates a current base. Part of the form functionality asks the customer which of our locations they are contacting us about. Currently it all feeds to one base, which I group into separate segments by location. But I would prefer if each location had its own individual grid within the base. Is this possible?

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I’m confused. Do you have multiple bases or multiple tables within one base? What do you mean by grid?

If you have a “Locations” table and a “Customer Requests” table, you can have a linked field in the Customer Requests table that selects from entries in the Locations table. Users would be able to select among these in a Customer Requests form.

Do you mean you want each Location to have its own table? I’m not sure I would recommend that setup.

I have a BASE with a Table inside it (it says GRID view, so I assumed that’s what you call a table, since i am new here.)

The FORM that I have created feeds the information to the Table from customer’s responses to the form.

One of the questions for the customer is LOCATION.

Right now, since they choose ONE location, all of the information feeds to the table and I have the table grouped by location so we can look at it in segments (locations).

But I would prefer if there could be multiple TABLES within the Base… each being fed by separate answers to the question LOCATION.

Because right now they’re all in one table and our reps have to scroll to find theirs.

You could just create multiple grid views within one table:

  • Gird View 1: “All Locations” (grouped if you like, no filters)
  • Grid View 2: “Location 1” (with the filter: Location = “Location 1”)
  • Grid View 3: “Location 2” (with the filter: Location = “Location 2”)
  • Grid View 4: “Location 3” (with the filter: Location = “Location 3”)
  • etc.

A form cannot populate data in any table other than the one it was created in. Are you sure each location needs its own table or just its own view? Your base will be much more complicated if its the former.

Sorry… I’m not used to Grid View lingo. That’s fine. So when a collaborator signs in and looks at their view they’re ONLY seeing their Location’s entries.
I’m able to designate each view that way? Where/how do I do that?

You have to have a pro account for each user to have their own custom view.

If you don’t have a pro account you’ll have to set the filters up globally, meaning all users with edit priveleges have access to all views. All your users have to do is select the applicable view from the dropdown in the top left. Since your screen stills says “Grid View” you likely only have one view in that table, as “Grid View” is the default view type and name.

This is what I imagine what your base looks like now, except I renamed “Grid View” to “All Locations”.

You can make a new view (click the down arrow next to the view name) and set up an appropriate filter:

Continue for all your locations and your list of views will look like this:

Ok, thanks. That will work.

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10 - Mercury

If you do need to split form data into multiple tables, here’s a tool that can help you achieve that:

Feed Airtable Form Into Multiple Tables