Need help linking company names with investments

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi! I have an airtable base and within that base a table (table 1) several fields two of which are the email of the company and then a function that parses the email to get the company name.

In another table (table 2) in the same base I have linked the company name to an investment fund.

I am now trying to link the company in (table 1 ) to the fund it was linked to in table (2), how could I do this?

One edge case I anticipate is capitalization / spacing, other then that there shouldn't be issues.

I believe I need to use a lookup field but am having issues with configuration

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Do you have a linked field between Table 1 and 2?  If you do, you'll just need to copy the values from the field that parses the email to get the company name and paste it into the linked field; this should link the records together appropriately (barring the capitalization / spacing issue you mentioned)

Then, you'll just need to create a lookup field in Table 1 to display the investment fund field from Table 2

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer
  • To link the company in Table 1 to the fund in Table 2, you can follow these steps:
    Ensure the company name field in both tables is formatted consistently (e.g., lowercase or title case) to avoid capitalization/spacing issues.
  • In Table 1, create a lookup field that references the company name field and fetches the linked investment fund from Table 2.