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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all! Totally new to this, and I am struggling to set up my bases in the way I’d like. So far, I have three bases: Orders, Customers, and Books. Customers has minimal info, like name, unique customer number, email, etc. Orders has much more info: a unique order number, customer number, and survey answers to questions (the ones I’m specifically looking to utilize are genres and subjects). Books is just a database of books, with specific fields using tags for genre and subject.

What I want to do: In Orders, if a customer chooses WWII as a subject, I want to see all the books in my Books table that are tagged WWII. Same with genre (example, see all books in Books tagged with mystery). Basically, I want to see suggestions for that customer (the books I already have data for that might be a good fit for that customer’s order). Then, once I choose which books to send them, I will need to add those items to a new field for that unique order.

In Customers, I want to view a customer and see all of their orders (unique number each month). And I want to be able to see over time all the books we have sent them (so, September order, October order, etc).

And in the Books table, I’d love to look at a particular book and see which customer would be a good fit for it (based on their survey answers stored in Orders).

I know Airtable can do these things…I just can’t figure out how to set it up appropriately with linked records. I’d appreciate any help or insights! Thanks so much!

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Hi @Lori_Hart ,

Welcome to Airtable Community !

In order to do this, you cannot use Multi Select fields (as I assume you are doing right now?) , You need to create a table for “Genres” and a table for “Tags” (maybe both can be the same table if that works for you)

You can then use Lookup and Rollup fields between the tables to get the data where you need it :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah, thank you! I will try this and see if it helps!