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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

New to air table and absolutely loving it so far.
I usually use excel so this is an excel vs Air Table question.

If I have a table calculating lodging costs, check in and out dates, taxes… (I have done that table) but I need a results page, can I do this in Air table? In excel I would just go outside of my table and put my results : example Hotel A total cost no tax, total tax, totall cost with tax, Hotel B… same results.

Can I do this in airtable? if yes, can someone guide me towards an article that woudl explain?

thank you!

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Welcome to the community, @BRIGITTE_BARIL! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Summary tables are definitely doable, but it will require linking records from your current table to the summary table to pull the data across. It also depends on how you’ve designed your current table. Are you able to share screenshots of your current table design?

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Here is what I am trying to do (this is from excel).
In Air table I can do the document with all the data, its the results I don’t know how to do.
So picture A I can reproduce in airtable
its picture B that I would need to create. This show results for 1 hotel but there are the same results for other hotels. I need a quick view for my directors to se the entire picture at a glance
airtable help
thankyou for taking the time to help!

Thanks for the update. In this case, I would recommend creating a second table named “Hotels”, with each record being a separate hotel, including the per-night stay cost for the hotel. In your primary table each record would represent a single person and contain all of the data for that person’s stay. To connect them to a hotel, add a link field to the [Hotels] table. You could then bring in the hotel’s per-night cost via a lookup or rollup field (for a single value like this, a lookup will work fine, but be aware that lookup fields often return arrays of values, which don’t always process cleanly; more on that in the base that I shared in this other thread), and use formula fields to calculate the person’s total stay cost. Over in the [Hotels] table, you’ll have incoming connections for all linked people, and you can use rollup fields to tally the total costs of all people staying at each hotel.