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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Only 57 out of 98 columns are loaded through the query HERE in Power BI. Does anyone know how can this be fixed?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Thanks for your support, @Udi_Golan!

I'm now facing a different issue, however, so I couldn't try it. I'm trying to replace the API connection with a Personal token connection, but I'm getting an error related to credentials & authentication when I'm trying to fix this other error "We cannot convert the value null type to type Record"

Just a guess - due to the change you may experience also a permissions change which results with records not being returned and then null value instead.

Thanks for the reply, @Udi_Golan! I managed to fix the Token issue by updating the permissions, thanks!
I'm now trying your code replacement to show fields with empty values and it is still not working 😞
Is it as simple as replacing the code as you suggested? There's no need to replace other values?


As far as I remember there was no additional change required.
What is it that you get?

Hi @Udi_Golan. I got exactly the same columns that I was loading with the Query provided by Airtable. Columns whose first record values were empty, were not loaded to PowerBi after replacing the final part of the query according to your recommendation.

Hi @mario_lamban 
Strange. The solution proposed is totally agnostic to the first record {0}
It runs over all records and extracts the distinct list of field names from all records.
Maybe the fields you expect to show on the BI are empty on all records and not just the first one?
Otherwise I would double check the code to ensure the code that includes the solution above is indeed running and not some other code.
Good luck.


Saved me, thanks a lot! 🙏🏻