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I am trying to figure out how I can get more than ONE record on a page in the page designer app. It seems like you can only have one record per page. I would like to have up to 20 records on one page. Is this possible?


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Sort of, but not really.

You can tell Page Designer that your layout should be really really short vertically, and then when it comes time to print, you can set your paper size to normal paper size… and then you can print multiple records per page.

But note that it considers each record as a brand new page (even though you’re printing multiple records on the same piece of paper), so every record will repeat any header or footer elements that you’ve put on the layout.

And also, it can’t extend the height of each record to accommodate more information.

I would reach out to and tell them how much you would like to see them improve Page Designer’s accommodation of more than one record per page.

Thanks Scott! This is helpful, I did email them to see if theres any movement in advancing Page Designers capabilities. We shall see!

Great! Let me know what they tell you!

use a separate junction table with multiple links to your data