Pre-filling linked records in forms from a button in another table

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4 - Data Explorer

Having a bit of trouble and would love some insight.

I have 2 tables. The first table is a Work Order Table and the second is an Activity log table. In Table 1 I have a button configured to upon click open the form view on Table 2. I have a referenced field in Table 2 to reference the record the button was clicked on table 1.

I am struggling with the button url on a table 1 record that will open the form on table 2 and prefill the referenced linked fields.

Here is what I have so far:
Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 8.51.51 AM

Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 8.52.02 AM

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Welcome to the community, @JaredKinchen!

I would recommend using @kuovonne’s Prefilled Forms extension. It doesn’t support hidden fields in forms, but as long as you don’t need hidden fields, it should work well for you:

I have already tried his extension and the URL isn’t populating the results for the linked records.

Again, I am using a button in one table to open up and populate the form view of another table. So the linked fields in the second table need to be prefilled with the related data in the first table. I am not sending the form to someone with pre-filled information in the form from the table that the form is in.

@ScottWorld just tried that extension again. It gave me the same formula I am using. Still not working. So not sure which part is not right.

Prefilling a form with linked records works fine for me. I would check the spelling of your field names and make sure you’re putting in a valid primary field value for the prefill value.

You can prefill a linked record with either a primary field value, or with Airtable’s internal record ID.

If you are prefilling with a primary field value, keep in mind the following:

  • The primary field value must be 100% unique in its original table. If multiple records have the same primary field value, the form will not know which one you want and will not prefill the form.
  • The primary field value cannot have special characters, such as commas and quotes. The form will try to split the value at the comma and thus will not match properly.
  • If you are prefilling with multiple linked records, they must be comma separated. If you are prefilling from a lookup field, you may think that there are commas there, but there aren’t.
  • You cannot create a new linked record from a form.

When possible, I recommend prefilling linked records using Airtable’s internal record IDs. I find it is much more reliable.

Thank you, I did get it working, and yes, I do prefer to do all of this airtable without the use of forms. My issue is that when I have a linked record field and go through the process to add a record from that linked field, it goes to the default view (I think its the first view listed) of the table for that linked record, regardless of the view I assigned it to look at.

This is problematic and not sure why if I assign the linked field a view to look at why the new record being created won’t look at that view.

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Sadly it is not possible to pre-fill linked records in new interface forms 

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6 - Interface Innovator

I've been wracking my brain as to why it worked before, but not now.  And the interface forms appear to be the culprit.