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4 - Data Explorer

Hi guys

I just started using Airtable to import research spreadsheets (name/URL/category/country) to form a database.

It’s working well for internal use, but I would like to provide read-only access for members of our community (paid or unpaid) and wondered if there were apps which would present this in a nicer way (they will just need to browse and filter) or I should keep it all simply within a standard Airtable?



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Welcome to the Airtable community!

There are several ways to share Airtable data.

  • Make community members direct collaborators of the base. If they are read-only users, they are free. However, this exposes all data in the base to everyone. Only do this if it is okay for everyone to see and copy everything in the base.

  • Share views of individual tables and embed the shared views on a webpage. The public can see the shared view and filter/sort the data in the view. Only the data in the view is available.

  • Create a shared view of the entire base and embed it on a webpage.

  • Use a third party portal service. (Search these forums for “portal” and you will see several suggestions. These all have monthly fees but they let you customize how much data you share and what it looks like.