Project planning and assigning tasks to multiple people

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello wonderful community!

I’m trying to work with a project plan.
I’ve got my projects, tasks and assignees
I’m working on building a table to show each assignee their “to do” list based on the project plan tasks

2 things -
Is there a way to assign tasks to multiple people based on the person’s department?

Second, is there a way to assign a whole project AND all of the tasks in that project to one person with some sort of formula or automation?

I did find this and it is helping but hasn’t fully addressed what I’m looking to do.Assigning Tasks to Multiple People - #2 by JonathanBowen

Thank you!

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Hmm, I’m assuming that each assignee is a single record inside an Employees table or some such that includes the department information? If so, and you’re doing this via an automation that triggers per task, you could do a Find Record action based on the department, and then update the task’s assignee linked field with the list of record IDs it found in the Find Record step.

Similar to the above, we would do a Find Record action for all tasks that are within a project, and update that person’s record’s task linked field with the list of record IDs that were found

If my assumption about your base setup was wrong, could you provide some screenshots of your tables so that I could help further?