Pull field values from another table based on matching numbers

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4 - Data Explorer

Here is what I am trying to do.

I have 1 base that is every customer and their submissions. They can be split up into different order numbers. So every row in Base 1 has an order number attached to it.

The next base is order numbers and shows all order numbers and what stage they are in.

I want the “stage” column in sheet 1 to update what stage the order number is in whenever I change “stage” in the order numbers sheet and update it is for all records that are in that order number.

So I change “stage” in “order number base” and then every row in Base 1 that has that same order number will change the “stage” filed to match up.

I am assuming their is a way to do this but I am running into a wall - Yes, I am new to airtable but I see the massive potential!

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Welcome to the community, @Adam_Nicoloff! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: This can be done using links between the two tables, plus a lookup of the stage from the [Order Numbers] table.

Long story short: in [Table 1] (you referred to this as “Sheet 1” and “Base 1” in different places, but it sounds like you’re describing a table, so that what I’m calling it) your {Order Number} field should be a link field that lets you choose a record from the [Order Numbers] table. Only one link per record pointing to a single order number record from the other table.

In the [Order Numbers] table, you have a {Stage} field of some type. With the link between [Table 1] and [Order Numbers], you can look up values between them. In this case, you’d add a lookup field to [Table 1] that shows you the stage of the order, using the link that you made in the {Order Number} to a specific order from the [Order Numbers] table. When you change the stage in [Order Numbers] for a given record, any records in [Table 1] that link to that order will reflect that stage change.