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4 - Data Explorer

Hi Community,

I’m sure there is a way to do this with linked tables, I just can’t see how.
I have one table, with Yoga Poses. In that table the English Pose name is in one column, and the Sanskrit name in the 2nd column.
In a second table, I want to type in the English pose name and then pull in the Sansrkit pose name from Table 1 into the 2nd column in Table 2.

I see the Lookup command but can’t figure out Linking and Lookup relate. It looks like you need to link a table, but then make it a lookup too?


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Really? everything? I have a hard time selecting a few columns at once!! That sounds like a basic… It bugs me that with all these cool features they’re missing a few basic but quite important features, like access control on each field, etc, and hey, control access has been requested since 2016!!! What are you doing guys lol