Pulling New Students from "Incoming" to "Current" Tables

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Okay - So I have two tables.
Table 1 is related to incoming students. In this Table, they select the timing of their incoming testing and tell me key information about themselves (e.g., what program they’re entering).

Table 2 is a table of all current students. In this Table, I have key information abou the students and also the results of their testing/ultimate course recommendations. I also track their “Progress toward goals” through a number of complex formula fields. All information that is raw was typed/entered into Table 2 through a long process of converting Excel to AirTable.

In Table 1, I have done the scoring and the raw data that would feed into future “Progress toward goals” formulas.

How do I get students from Table 1 to populate in Table 2? What kind of linking must I do? There MUST be a better way than copy and paste, as I need to do this multiple times a year, and the columns/fields do not all align (i.e., they are different types of data for different kinds of processes - testing coordination vs. mapping progress toward goals).

Please help - I am completely lost on the idea of “syncing” as it doesn’t seem like this will necessarily bring over the new records to join the hard-won existing records.

All told, I’m looking at adding 100 or so to my existing database of 350 rows. Each year, I’ll add about this many.

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