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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator
  • I have a Date Field (Field A) for the date I last wore an outfit: “7/28/2018”
    This changes regularly; I change it each time I wear an outfit.
  • I have a Long Text Field (Field B) I use for ongoing Notes on where I wore the outfit: “Special dinner XYZ”
    I add to this, but do not remove data.

I need two fields:

  1. Field C: An ongoing, static text list created from the Field A information, including each time I change it. So, each time I change the date in Field A, it adds that date to the list in Field C: “7/28/2018, 8/01/2018, 9/15/2018”
  2. Field 😧 A combination of Field C and Field B, ongoing-style: “7/28/2018: Special dinner XYZ; 8/01/2018: Family reunion” etc.

As far as I can tell, such a thing is not possible because the Date Field cannot cause another field to statically concatenate; once that date changes, the field reading that date must change, it cannot “store” the first date entry, and build upon that each time you change the Date Field.

Obviously, if there is some MUCH better way to do this, that doesn’t involve what seems like impossible fields/formulas, please let me know! I cannot think of a better (non-manual) way to have this information updated and tracked.

Thank you!

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I think you could achieve some similar but using 2 tables.

Table 1 is your outfits, Table 2 is outfit activity. You would would use rollups with ARRAYJOIN

Table 1 has Outfit Name, Link to Table 2, Rollup of Date Field, Rollup of Date+Note formula field
Table 2 has Outfit (reciprocal to link to table), Date field, single line text Notes field, Formula (like concatenate Date with Notes or whatever–which you can keep hidden).

Every time you get a new outfit, you enter it in Table 1
Every time you wear an outfit you go to Table 2, select it, enter the date, and enter the notes. Next time you wear it (or another outfit), you do it in a new line, and so on.

Edit: In terms of setup and formulas – it is very easy so don’t be afraid

I already have two tables: “Wardrobe Items” (my various shirts, pants, skirts, etc.) and “Outfits” (with Linked Fields that I use to combine pieces from “Wardrobe Items,” in order to make outfits).

I just want to make sure I am understanding your suggestion, because it sounds like a good one:

  • Make a third table: “Wear History”
  • Copy the outfit of my choosing from the “Outfits” table into the “Wear History” table each time I wear it
  • Populate Date Worn and Notes fields in the new (copied) “Wear History” record
  • Use Rollup Fields in the “Outfits” table to reflect my date+note entries in “Wear History,” thus having that data readily available when I got to choose an outfit

Is that right? Because then yes, I think I could do that, haha!

7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Pretty much except that instead of copying the outfit you look it up in the link field, but I guess that’s likely what you meant :slightly_smiling_face: The workings will be similar to what you already have so I don’t see you’ll have any difficulty.

I have already gotten the Date+Notes field formulated and working, thank you!! I am afraid the copying of an outfit over every time I wear it is a bit tedious, but I might be able to automate it by creating a View, and using Zapier/Integromat.
I am working on the “list of all past wear dates” field now!

You wouldn’t copy it, you would select / search from a list of records

Yes, I got that once I went in and was like…“Oh yeah, no copying between tables.” I just made a duplicate of my entire Outfits table, and pared it down a LOT to use for just notes on Date Worn and Event Notes.
I am having trouble with the Date Worn Rollup and formatting, though. But I started a new thread for that, since it isn’t directly related to this project.
Thanks again!