"Shared with me" section is removed from the new home page

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Here is just one more issue with the disgusting unusable new home page that Airtable is forcing us to use. 

Before there was a section "Bases Shared With Me" - that was logical, if someone shareswith me but just 1 base not the whole workspace, this base could be placed in any of the Workspaces' sections, so a separate section for them was created - and that was great

Now there is only the list of the shared workspaces and a messy heap of all bases. Now imagine that there are users like me, who have ~10 shared workspaces with ~100 shared bases, while some of them are shared on the workspace level and some are shared on the base level

There is no way to show the bases that are not in one of the workspace, so if you don't remember the exact name of a base, all you can do is patiently look thru all 100 bases, looking for the one you need.

There is not much hope that this will be noticed but at least I give you a chance: please hear your customers, trust is not something you can build fast and you're losing it right now - there are multiple topics about the new home page - it's a disaster. I'm a developer and I pursuaded many companies to use Airtable and to pay multiple user subscriptions, now I'm really afraid that after another "genius" upgrade we'll have to migrate somewhere else

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hey! Not sure If I'm confused on the pain here (or maybe I have to few bases to notice)
But doesn't this serve the purpose you're describing (Image)

In total I must have like 40 bases, but that part of the home page filters it out for me, at least to a certain degreeimage.png