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Records limited to view does not sync with duplicate column

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Dear community,

I am struggling with linked records ; I have a tab (insight) that links records to another (journey) and in the last one I would like to have to columns : one with all the records and another with the same records but limited to a specific view.
While the first one runs like a charm the second one remains empty. The problem is that when in the first tab 'insights) I add the link to the other (journey) the duplicate column is not synced.
I have tried to create a new one and limit to the view, duplicate the column, … nothing is working.
I was expecting that when I created the second column that links to the same tab all matching record will populate the cell but it does not.

The tab is working as follow:


  • Name
  • Type: A or B
  • Journey: linked to tab Journey
    TAB INSIGHT BIS - View filtered on type B
  • Name
  • Type: A or B
  • Journey: linked to tab Journey


  • Name
  • Insights (all insights related to this journey)
  • Insight (limited record to View BIS - should show only insight of type B and does not work)

Any clue on how to solve this ? I feel like I would have to manually add them which is not an option.

Many thanks,

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