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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I saw a reference to a Create Recurring Events formula in the December newsletter and its got me scratching my head. I use recurring dates all the time and I have a solution that, while not squeaky clean, works well but I thought I would explore the proposed formula to see if it might be a better Option.

the formual is : DATETIME_PARSE(DATETIME_FORMAT({date},‘MM/DD’)&"/"&YEAR(NOW()))

While I understand what this does I just cant seem to apply it in a way that works well so I think I might be missing something.

Here is what I currently use: IF(AND(Begin<TODAY(),Recurring=“Annually”),DATEADD(Begin,1,‘year’))

then I filter the records that produce a value to a view that feeds a Zap that creates the new record.

What I like about this method is that it works for records with or without times whereas the proposed formula strips the time and sets the value to 12AM GMT

I’m very interested to learn what others are doing and what I might be missing with the proposed formula.

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