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Remove "view larger version" from Embed

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Does anyone know how to lock this feature of “view larger version” from embed on bottom row?

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Any answer? I have the same doubt. Please!

Did anyone else figure this out yet?

This is important. You can’t have it both ways. You want to share the data but signing up everyone so it has to be password protected isn’t feasible. When you allow the" view larger" button on embed you show the raw view link to everyone. That link can than can’t be taken and shared anywhere. Can there be a middle option?

Also interested in this answer. We have are trying to embed a view onto our site to serve as a customer-facing product catalog, and I’d like to remove the ability for external users to group/filter, etc. so we can control exactly how the user sees the info presented. Seems like this falls apart if/when a user selects the “view larger version” option

So still no answers on this one??

I wish this was a feature.