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4 - Data Explorer

I have a list of records in grid view and gallery view - gallery view is much more preferred for my use. However, when I manually rearrange the columns in grid view, they don’t automatically update the order for the gallery view as well.

Is this possible to do? It seems like there may be a simple way to do this, but I’m not really sure.

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Hey @grandsonab!

Unfortunately, you cannot make changes to one view and have them automatically affect another view.

It’s a core principle in Airtable’s design with how views work since the idea is that one workflow’s view wouldn’t affect other workflows or how I like to look at my data is different from how you like to look at yours, etc.

However, you can copy the configuration of one view to another view. For example, you can copy the filter and sort settings of the grid view to the gallery view. Note that this will not coy one-off rearrangements.