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Request for head office visit and interview with the head programmer

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Hello, I am Kim Eunkyeul, a student of the Seoul National University of
Science and Technology.

I am posting this in hopes that it finds its way over to the head
office. I sent an email with same content before but haven’t got right reply.

My team is preparing for the “Global Challenger Contest” at our university.
Our mission is to visit a prominent company that is managing a low-code
system practically and efficiently, and to interview the head programmer
(in order to investigate deeply about the low-code program, and to fully
understand its current effects and future potential). Furthermore, we
believe that through our research and analysis of the low-code program, we
will be able to get a better understanding of the advancements or changes
for programmers. We found that your tool has an impressive low-code
programing system, inspiring us for an interview with the head programmer
of your low-code programing system.
We believe that when given the chance, you will be able to realize how
significant and meaningful our project is.

I’ll be waiting for your reply. Thank you

-Kim Eunkyeul of SeoulTech

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