Row to Columns: Separating multiple values in single column to multiple rows

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4 - Data Explorer


I was wondering if it is possible to split a row which had been populated with data using a multiselect, into separate rows.

I would want to create 2 lines for Campaign “Client 1||3” one for “Driver 2” and one for “Driver 4”. Similarly for the 2nd Campaign I would need 3 lines.

Not too phased if in same or different table - although different table may be easier.


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Hi @Jenny_Wright - this could be done with an Airtable script. I don’t think there’s another way to do this wholly within Airtable. The script would loop through every record and, for each record, loop through every item in the Drivers column, creating a new record on each iteration of the inner loop. As you say, creating these records in a new table is going to be a better option than trying to add into the original table.

It isn’t a hugely complex script but would take some time to develop. If you’ve got a budget for a small script project, feel free to DM me for script dev costs.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thanks for the reply @JonathanBowen.
Would you be able to append data to the new table based off changes or would the new table have to regenerate each time?

Hi @Jenny_Wright - you could do either. To append, I would probably just mark each record in the original script as “processed” (maybe a checkbox" field) and skip these next time. This assumes that no-one would go and edit a record after it has been processed. It might be safer to do a full refresh each time, but doable either way and the choice would probably depend upon your specific situation. Or, indeed, have both methods and only do a full refresh occasionally.