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Re: Search records in Airtable from Integromat

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I am trying to search for records in Airtable from Integromat and unable to figure out how.
I have created a scenario where I get a unique id to be searched for in Airtable via a webhook. After linking the webhook to Airtable, I selected the option “Search records”. There is a field called “Formula” and I am not able to figure out what it means.
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How? Can you share please for other people to see it too?

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

the chatfuel tutorial you shared @Sridhar_Rajendran works with Google Sheets and not with Airtable. So this is not a response to the issue raised :slightly_smiling_face:
Anyone share what the filter formula looks like? I am using:
{Airtable Column Name}=variable

but it results in “The formula for filtering records is invalid: Unknown field names: false” :frowning:

update: got it to work. the formula needs to go in () and the variable needs to be defined as string ‘variable’.

here you go:

({Airtable Column Name}=‘variable’)

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hoping someone can help me with this formula – I use Integromat to schedule moving my records between bases when a “Send” checkbox is checked (which has a corresponding “Send Last Modified” date field).

Right now, the first record in my scenario is a Watch Records trigger, where the Trigger Field is “Send Last Modified”.

I want to set it up so that I can trigger this with Webhooks instead, but I’m not sure what the formula would be to replicate the “Send is checked” but only include the new results from “Send Last Modified”.

Any help greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!!

This is the true answer. UPVOTE!!!

11 - Venus
11 - Venus

Hi @Sridhar_Rajendran and @Kristina_Traeger1

This is in response to your posts.

You would use thIs basic Integromat scenario and then you can expand on it to suit your own use case:

Airtable=> Watch Records only use this if you are not using an app before this one
Airtable=>Search Records
The formula:
{type keyword/unique ID} = “use the value/blue tag of the field name”. **use straight quotes
Use Router
Airtable=>Update Record. **secod branch, filter before the app: chose blue tag (ID) and Record Updates
Airtable=>Create Record **first branch, filter before app: chose blue tag (ID) and Exists

Here are screenshots to illustrate how to setup a basic scenario to a update and create records and how to setup Gmail module. You can add on and expand the scenario for your use case.

Images 5 and 6 shows how to setup the formula, you would just use your own unique key.

Hope this can help.

Mary Kay









I tried this configuration and just about every other variation of it, and am still getting ‘The formula for filtering records is invalid: Invalid formula. Please check your formula text.’ Any other suggestions? When using your approach above it shows:

  • Bundle 1Collection
    • Base
    • Table
    • Formula

And in other iterations: StateCode = AK (which I tested in Airtable directly as a formula column, and it evaluates correctly).

Any other suggestion would be much appreciated.

Welcome to the community, @DKott1! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Two questions:

  1. How do the quotes around “AK” look in Integromat? Formulas in Airtable require “straight” quotes, but some editors create “curly” quotes. For example:

"AK" vs “AK”

If you use the wrong type in Integromat, my gut says that wrong type will be passed to Airtable, and could be the cause of the error.

  1. Your formula example above is:

Is that exactly how the formula field looks in Integromat, parentheses included? If so, the parentheses shouldn’t be there, so perhaps that’s causing a hiccup of some kind.

Double quotes and removing the parentheses worked … thank you so much!

Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 10.31.06 AM

Hi Mary Kay,

Thank you, your solution worked for me.
When I had to create the filter to update the record, I chose the blue tag (ID) but I couldn’t find the Record Updates option so I set it up as “it doesn’t exist”. Not sure why, maybe I was looking for it in the wrong place? Or maybe Integromat changed something since May?
When I had to Create Record, I was able to go for your approach.

It looks I am getting the desired results, I will keep an eye on it and post here if anything weird happens.

Thank you!

Hi @Matteo_Ottaviani!

I’m glad it worked for you!

There has been a new update/version for Airtable.

You could check this at

Or you could do a Google search and find the link for app/module descriptions.

Hope this helps!

Mary Kay