Send single Google Calendar entry to Airtable Calendar.

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

We have a single Airtable group calendar for 15 staff members.  When a staff member receives a calendar invite from a third party, when they accept, it adds it to a Googe Calendar. I know I could do a full integration but for several reasons, we do not want ALL entries to go to our Airtable calendar.

We are looking for the easiest way to go to that Google calendar entry and "do something" to get it to populate into our Airtable Calendar.  


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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

There's probably a better way, but you could create another calendar that syncs to Airtable and then use the duplicate option in an event to copy the event you want synced to the synced calendar. Would be a hassle if/when things change for an event, but it would work as a stop-gap until a better option came along. 

It would be nice if Google calendar events had labels or stars like Gmail. Back in 2019/20 we played with sending emails to Airtable - when a message was starred it triggered a save to airtable Zapier function. Worked well.  

Hmm, try a Zap maybe?  There's a "When event matches search conditions", so maybe the workflow could be:

1. Go into Google Calendar entry
2. In the description add a specific keyword to trigger the zap, e.g. "Add to Airtable" or something

The Zap will then pick it up and add it into the Airtable table of your choice so that it shows in your Airtable Calendar