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6 - Interface Innovator

I would like to create an CRM email system where I create two tables, one for People and another for Emails.

The people table has individuals who need to be sent different kinds of emails depending on their status (new lead, qualified lead, etc).

The Email table contains records for each type of email template, each with a field containing the HTML for the email, including bracketed information specific to an individual (ex: {First Name}, {Email}, {Last Name}, etc).

The system works by linking an email template to a particular user, generating a unique HTML code based on the template and some of the fields unique to the user.

The main problem is the SendGrid block seems to generate the HTML upon hitting “Preview”, not “Send”. That means it just pastes the HTML code as text, rather than generating the email as it should be. All I’m adding to the SendGrid block Body field is referencing the field that contains the HTML code in brackets. That means I can’t actually send different HTML emails using the same SendGrid block. I would rather avoid having to create 10+ send grid blocks for each email template…

Any help? Hopefully I was clear above. Thanks!!

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That is correct… you would have to create 10 different SendGrid blocks, one for each template. It might make it slightly easier by creating multiple different dashboards with descriptive names, so you could just quickly switch to the dashboard that contains the SendGrid block that you want to use.

Or you could just keep one SendGrid block, but you’d have to manually copy & paste the HTML that you want to use into the block every time (which would be a real pain).

I agree with you that this should be much better implemented in Airtable. Please be sure to email to ask them to improve the functionality of the SendGrid block.

Alternatively, you could just automate the whole thing using Integromat’s SendGrid modules (or one of Integromat’s many other email modules). Here are a few of the email modules that Integromat offers:

Thanks Scott! I appreciate you taking the time to answer