Sending an email to everyone in a filtered list?

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6 - Interface Innovator

I’m trying to figure out the best way to send single send sorts of emails to people in my database.

I’ve tried using the built in segmentation tools of typical mailing list software, but my needs are much more variable and ultimately at the end of the day it’s soooo much easier to just put together my list in Airtable via filters.  And then I could fill in the little extra info I need from there into a templated email of some sort.  I really only need to send a few sentences of info.


Is this something I could feasibly do? I assume using sendgrid or similar?

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Yes, you could use the SendGrid extension to send email to everyone in a filtered view.

However, the SendGrid extension can't be automated in any way, so if you need it automated, you could use Airtable's automations to send emails.

Note that Airtable's automations have sending limits, as explained on that page.

For significantly more advanced email automations with no limits, I typically have my clients automate their emails with Make, where you are free to use Make’s SendGrid automations or Make’s Gmail automations or Make’s Outlook automations or Make’s MailGun automations or Make’s BigMailer automations or many other email services. (You can even use unsupported email services by using Make’s generic email automations.)

However, the downside here is that Make comes with a bit of a learning curve, so I created this basic navigation video to help.