Set a span of time to each record, to it to be seen in the calendar view (day)

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Alright, so, I'm asking for help because really i've just tried to do the 100th formula and it just doesn't work, so i'm taking my chances by asking for help. 😭

See, what i'm looking for is this:
I need to have a calendar view to control a car workshop. The idea is that my call center will receive the calls from my clients, and then, in a record, upload the information of the client (regulars such as which work has to be done, which mechanic will do the job, and so, and so) and the idea of this calendar is:

To use this view to see if there's any open gap in the workshop, so if there's a gap between 11am and 1pm (for example), and the client in the phone is asking for a job that can be done in whitin that time span that's available, then the girl helping me can offer that space for the client. That way the mechanics will have more productive hours. 

I've tried this:
Using one grid and doing manually about 36 columns (each one represents 15 minutes), and asking for my call center to fill each cell until the work is easily seen in this grid (she used a dropdown colored options field, and each color represented a different job). The problem with this is that i have 3 mechanics, so to fill the time of each mechanic i had to create 3 rows x 36 columns. BUT THEN, OMG, the mechanics work 5 days each week. So i created a date field (no time specification) and i had to group by this date field type each day of the year, so that in each group i had: one day, that had in it 3 rows (one for each mechanic), and each row had 36 columns to fill, where every cell in the row represented 15 minutes of work, and of course, i had one more column to upload the name of every client that would take each mechanic.


So... The grid got way too big, and way too slow to fill. 😭😭

So that's why i'm asking for help. To be able to see, and fill, this workshop hourly-agenda in a more easy way for the girl that's helping me.

I've learned that i can have an hourly view in a calendar view, but i can't figure out how to set a span of time to each record created, that can be seen in the calendar view to block determined time. I'm thinking maybe a duration field type with a formula or something similar, but i just can't get it right.

To illustrate i've come to this point:
The example in the following picture is wrong, because i need that this view shows that the client's job that can be seen in friday, will actually end at 6pm. (It begins at 3pm)


I hope someone can help, please 😭😭😭


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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I've been running into a similar issue with a base I'm currently working on. 

From my understanding, the easiest way to do this would require a Pro subscription. You could then create a Start Time and End Time for each service, and using the advance calendar features you could plot both times on one calendar. 

I'm also looking for a more elegant solution, and have been messing with a couple of different ideas. I'll keep you updated if I come up with anything! Hoping someone else in this awesome community can help!

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Thank you so much! I've been trying some alternatives too, indeed the Pro membership would be the easiest  way but unfortunately i don't have the autorization to pay for this yet. If i come up with something useful or some kind of advance, i'll let you know. Thank you again!