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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

Good day again ATers!

Quick question on AT rights. Is there a way to set various users beyond the “creator, editor, etc” to only allow them to edit certain fields?
I have a set of teams, including my own internally, that will be working in various tables, and instead of creating duplicate views for each user, is there a way to just give each a different access/lockdown?

For example,

  • All users need access to the full “course” table,

  • Each user needs to be able to create, edit(but not delete) a course, they can leave memos in the expanded field if they need that.

  • Each user can only edit THEIR courses, not others(if this isn’t possible, that’s fine).

So basically, needing to limit user access to not screw up the huge database :).

I think that’s it :).

Any suggestions, comments, ideas?


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You can choose “Edit Field Permissions” for any field to limit editing to certain users only. (You can do a similar thing with table permissions.)

However, for anything more advanced than that (such as allowing each user to edit their own courses), you would need to use a portal tool, like the excellent portal offered by