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Share multiple filtered views of a table without sync with the table

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I would like to share multiple filtered views of a table on different pages. Would it be possible to create multiple shared views with each of them fixed on its specific filter? Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Lillian_Huang ,

Welcome to Airtable Community !

Each view has its own filters, if you share the view then you are sharing the filters (which they cannot edit). So yes it is possible

Thank you for your reply! But I have realised that when I filter the table, the shared views sync with the changes, which means that they are not fixed to their specific filters. Is it possible to fix them so that the filters always stay as they are in the shared views. Thank you!

Hi @Lillian_Huang ,

Yes they do sync with the changes, which means you have to keep the view as it is, it is not a screenshot if that is what you are looking for