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5 - Automation Enthusiast

It seems this topic was discussed in 2020… with no real resolution.

I’m sharing a gallery view with fans of my products. On the desktop, they get simple search, filter and sort options.

On mobile devices, including tablets, those options are not available.

A workaround whereby the user forces the browser to load the desktop version does actually work.

This seems seriously lame… and makes the shared view nearly useless since most people are on mobile devices.

It’s been over 3 years since this came up… why is it still this way?

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Welcome to the community, @Japji_Khalsa.

Yeah, I’ve spoken to Airtable about this major problem many times, and they have told me that the mobile experience is not their priority and that they are not planning on fixing this problem anytime soon.

It’s extremely frustrating, disappointing, and maddening. Sadly, they simply refuse to prioritize normal customers’ needs when it comes to product improvements. It seems like they only listen to a few key enterprise clients that they deem “worthy enough” to listen to.

I’m a Top 10 Airtable Consultant, and they don’t even listen to my own feedback — even though I work with hundreds of Airtable customers every year.

Your only real option here is to pay extra money for a service that provides this experience — some popular options are,, and

And it won’t do any good, but you might as well send an email to about this issue.

Wow… thank you SOO much…

I figured I was in some sort of weird minority. I’ll probably waste my time and send them a support ticket.

Of those extensions companies you noted… is there a specific extension that would accomplish what I’m trying to do?

I could certainly browse each website, but suspect they all have a bunch of extensions.

Thanks again.

No, they all work differently. I would probably recommend Glide over MiniExtensions, because it is specifically designed for mobile, and it has much better design than MiniExtensions.

Thanks again for taking the time to follow up with this. Yea… MiniExtensions wants about $80 a month for ‘all’ of its extensions… I’ll check out the rest.